SS24 /2



Crafty high and low.
Casual urban inspired silhouette blurring lines between the industrial minimalism and unique craftsmanship.
The Finnish Youth; the raw and the innocent.
Art Deco feminine body liberation. 




Aalto Recoded™ presents Spring Summer 24’s collection RE/SOUL , aligning our mission of creating artisanal designer garments with the transformative art of repurposing ‘waste’. RE/SOUL encapsulates the dialogue between the garment and the body ; it is enthralled by treading the fine line between femininity and masculinity through an intriguing play of preppy clichés to industrial workwear with a liberating touch of the Art Deco epoch.

With this season opening, RE/SOUL denotes the continuity of the RECODED™ line, built on the idea of sustainability and pivots around technology. Drawing inspiration directly from the vintage, the collection brings about a sense of body liberation and blurs the line between craftsmanship and the minimalistic raw. From 100% post-consumer sourcing of denim or silk to low-impact natural hemp material, we want to align our mission of crafting artisanal yet soulful pieces that last lives on.

Presented in Helsinki Fashion Week in May 2023, designer Tuomas Merikoski invited Kalevala Koru to collaborate in styling their iconic jewelry, with cult fame from galactical appearance on Star Wars’s princess Leia, that incarnates Finnish design as one of the oldest female founded companies in the young independent Finland since the early 1910s. Kalevala shares the same ideology of craftsmanship combining innovative technology and of sustainable production with their 100% usage rate of recycled gold and 95% of silver, similar to Aalto’s vintage sourcing which is used mainly in the new collection as well as leftover yarn and GRS recycled materials.