Recoded™ is Aalto’s standalone solution for scaling luxury upcycling to industrial ready-to-wear level as an effort towards a circular and traceable fashion industry. To encapsulate the essence of Recoded™, we are personally hand-picking large amounts of garments that have fulfilled its purpose from previous owners, treating and incorporating this new level raw material into new designs as to make a new garment that will last another lifetime. 

But the platform proposes a much bigger vision: a QR-enabled unique serial number anchoring data to each and every piece. When scanned, this label that is sewn onto your piece, will provide open-source information on its provenance, material composition and care instruction. What we wish to employ with this unique-label system is to empower a deeper  and longer value driven relationship between a consumer and the product - think of it as permanent ownership instead of just a low value article easily thrown away.

In collaboration with multiple European ateliers and suppliers in France, we meticulously source  and sort materials such as denim, jersey, shirting, silk  and wool, which will then be transformed into new unique products marked with our “Unica Semper” stamp.

The global fashion industry makes between 80 and 150 billion garments a year, while one garbage trucks’ worth of clothes is thrown away every second. Over 60% of the waste items are reusable, and often never worn before being dumped. Inherently the overconsumption and overproduction is such consumer behavior driven issue that even recycling won’t be the solution.