Spring 2019 looks

999 is the title of the Spring 2019 season; it symbolizes being positive and complete with a competitive edge and having a mindset that enables you to change and become a better version of yourself. It is also the opposite of the haunting 666, I think of it as the ultimate race number for the ultimate woman. The winner wears 999.

"Looking at my surroundings and my daily life over the last years, I have noticed a big trend that has had an impact on all of us. In 2001 I surely wouldn’t have thought of jumping straight out of bed to put on my Hokas and do an 8km run before slicing an avocado and rushing to work. Neither did anyone I knew – all living in Paris and working their way up in the fashion industry – especially after a blurry late night.... Today things are different.

Megatrends transform our lives and define each era. 2018 will be defined by its well being-centred individualism and the moment where fashion became sport and sport became fashion. The gym is the new catwalk. Sport is a mean of self-expression but it is also an escape. If you race, you will only win if you accept to fail and learn.

The Spring 2019 collection speaks about womanhood in this yoga-minded and jogging-obsessed environment without losing the timeless elegance of feminine power. It’s a fusion between the sport world and old school classicism with a ‘90s twist and contrasts.

This season AALTO has collaborated with Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen whose childish but disturbing creatures show pop culture inspirations. His work doesn’t follow any clearly stated narrative but it does perfectly fit the emotion of the AALTO collection—it is fresh but with a great deal of weirdness, which we always seek."

Tuomas Merikoski