This third AALTO fanzine celebrates the unique type of beauty that is born when cultures meet, clash and intertwine. The muses are the non-conformist, strong and independent women breaking the molds of clichés to form their own notion of beauty —a new, hybrid voice nourished by an infinity of cultural influences. This strong new voice provides a never-ending source of inspiration.

In this ARKISTO, Xafsa, Sahra, and Aisha are portrayed by Helen Korpak. They are young women forging their own identities, mixing traditions that are only seemingly on the opposite poles: the oriental and the occidental; the modest and the extravagant; the age-old and the of-the-moment. The way they merge the best of both worlds to become embodiments of beauty nourished by diversity is inspirational and drives AALTO to explore moments of transition as revelations of beauty.

FACES explores the face as a cross-cultural way of communicating our inner self to the world. In this project, Johan Sandberg and Karim Rahman take inspiration from different ways of using face paint and make-up across diverse regions and traditions. These influences are then mixed, layered and combined, they shed light on the beauty that emerges from cultural clashes and encounters.

This issue of ARKISTO develops and expands the ideas of cultural fusions, identities, and contrasts. On the pages that follow, the world-famous Finnish conductor, Esa-Pekka Salonen, delves on the new musical quality emerging from the clash of classical music and modern technology, while Banu Guler, co-founder of astrology app Co-Star discuss a different kind of constellations—not cultural, but celestial—and their influence on our sense of self.


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